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Airbag Light Warning!

If the airbag light comes on in your vehicle, it means that the system is inactive, a situation that warrants immediate attention. In some cases, the failure can be traced to a recall for the safety-restraint system in your automobile, and the repair will be made for free. Otherwise, it takes a qualified auto technician with a scan tool and software to make a diagnosis. The problem may rest with faulty wiring, a problematic crash sensor (positioned behind the front bumper), a poor connection between the airbag and lower part of the steering column, or a faulty airbag module. While seat-belt use primarily prevents injury in the event of a crash, airbags are also vital.

Naturally, if your airbag light is on it’s vital to get to a qualified techni- cian as soon as possible. But that’s not the only way to keep your family safe on the road. At our shop, we know that a safe car is one that gets regular maintenance. Our ASE Master-certified technicians will provide the regular checks that can catch small problems – like a loose connection to your airbag – before they become big problems – like an airbag that doesn’t deploy in a crash. Visit us today at 2220 Daniels Street, Long Lake, or call 952-473-484.

HINT: A vehicle’s computer keeps tabs on how many times the vehicle is started with a non-functional airbag, which may be useful information to lawyers when litigating a crash-related injury.