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When vehicles are left in storage for long periods, their owners may wonder if the gas tank should be left filled. In newer cars with plastic fuel tanks, it is possible to leave the gas tank partially filled as long as an appropriate amount of fuel stabilizer is added. Automobiles with steel gas tanks should be fully filled with fuel (and fuel stabilizer). The reason behind the full-tank approach is that leaving steel gas tanks anything less than full exposes their inside walls to possible condensation. This raises the possibility that the inside walls of the tank might corrode, particularly in light of the fact that today's fuel contains ethanol, which attracts and bonds with water.

Do you even know what sort of material your gas tank is made of? Do you have any questions about how to best care for your car? Our expert staff can answer all your questions in a straightforward manner. We can also provide the preventative care that can catch small problems, like a slightly corroded gas tank, before they become huge headaches, like a leaking gas tank.

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HINT: If a plastic fuel tank in a stored vehicle is left partially filled, be sure to fill the tank with fresh gasoline as soon as the car is reactivated.