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A "compression test" provides a relatively easy, inexpensive, and accurate way of assessing the health of an engine and checking the condition of the valves, valve seats, and piston rings. The test involves removing the spark plugs, disabling the ignition coil, and holding the throttle open while the engine is cranked and a compression gauge is held in a spark plug hole. The maximum compression reading is noted, and the process is repeated for each cylinder. Generally speaking, healthy engines have compression readings over 100 psi and no more than 10% variation between cylinders. Low compression in one cylinder is usually indicative of a bad exhaust valve; low compression in two adjacent cylinders often indicates a bad head gasket.

A compression test takes very little time, but it can prevent catastrophic failure due to worn valves or piston rings. And it's much cheaper than repairing the results of a major breakdown! That's why you should bring your car to our shop. Our experienced technicians will check your engine and take care of the little problems that could become big repair bills down the road.

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HINT: Low compression in all cylinders shows that the rings and cylinders are worn to the point where an engine overhaul is needed.