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Birds Chirp, Cars Shoudn't

A chirping sound coming from a vehicle can be generated by anything from brake pads to a cam angle sensor. The source of the sound often requires the help of a passenger to listen from various spots in the automobile while the driver operates the vehicle under varying conditions. Very often, chirping is a warning sound that some brake pads make to indicate that the pad material is reaching minimum thickness. The sound comes from the wear sensors as they contact the brake rotor in motion. As the brake pads reach their minimum thickness, the chirping will occur when the brakes are depressed. At this point, a change of brakes (and perhaps rotors) is required.

Does your car chirp? Maybe it whines, clicks, squeals, clunks, or sputters. Strange noises from under the hood – or anywhere else in the car – are a sign that you need to bring your car in for service. Our ASE-certified technicians take the time to listen to you and to your car. Then we use our expertise to find the problem quickly and get you back on the road safely … and quietly! We can also provide you with the preventative maintenance that will prevent strange noises in the first place. Give us a call at 952-473-4848 today for an appointment.

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HINT: Braking components should never be replaced with parts that are of lesser quality than the original equipment.