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Bounced out of Contention

Most people are familiar with the “bounce test” that assesses the condition of shock absorbers by pressing down hard on any corner of the vehicle. If the vehicle rebounds more than once, the shock absorbers probably are worn. Tube shocks utilize a piston moving through oil to convert motion into heat. Small bumps in the road cause the piston to spend most of its time in a very small percentage of its stroke, which creates a concentrated buildup of heat. Eventually, the piston loses its seal against the cylinder in that small area, and the shock absorber will no longer dampen the small motions. This diminished dampening ability will occur long before it will show up in a bounce test.

With winter weather chewing up the roads and creating spine-crunching potholes, now is a great time to check your shocks. If you fail the bounce test, come on down to our shop today. Our ASE-certified technicians can replace your shocks and make sure the rest of your car is also running smoothly. It’s a lot cheaper than a visit to your chiropractor! And even if your car passes the bounce test, we can also provide the preventative maintenance that will prevent worn shocks from becoming a problem in the first place.

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HINT: Shock absorber failure presents vehicle owners with an opportunity to upgrade their equipment with replacement shocks that finetune the character of the vehicle’s ride and handling.