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When the "Check Engine" light indicates that the evaporative emission control system (EVAP) is not functioning correctly, the problem may rest with the charcoal canister. Along with the gas cap, fuel lines, purge valve, hoses, and other components of the EVAP, the charcoal canister is designed to store and dispose of fuel vapors so that they will not escape into the atmosphere. Hoses rout the fuel vapors from the fuel tank to the charcoal canister while the engine is shut down. When the engine is running, a purge control valve opens to enable the vacuum to draw the gases into the engine. A charcoal canister in need of replacement may not cause noticeable symptoms, but fuel economy is likely to suffer.

Whether it's because of a charcoal canister or for some other reason, if your Check Engine light is on, you need to get your car to a shop quickly. But wouldn't it be better if that annoying little light never came on in the first place? Our ASE-certified technicians can provide the preventive maintenance that you need to catch small things, a problem with your charcoal canister, when they are small and cheap to fix. That can save you time, money, and headaches down the road.

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HINT: The evaporative emission control system (EVAP) prevents the formation of smog, a type of air pollution.