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If your vehicle's air-conditioning system isn't working properly, it may be that the condenser is clogged with leaves, bugs, or road debris that compromises its ability to remove heat from the refrigerant. The result of a dirty condenser is lower cooling capacity, higher pressure inside the air conditioner, and greater wear on the compressor. To avert such problems, look for the condenser in its position mounted in front of the radiator and clean it with compressed air or pressurized water. If problems persist, they are likely caused by something that can only be diagnosed and corrected by a trained automobile technician. It is better to have the problem diagnosed before hot weather makes the driving experience uncomfortable.

It's a bad time of year to have an AC that's not working. Before the real heat kicks in, bring your car into our shop. Our ASE-certified technicians will provide the regularly scheduled maintenance that will keep your air conditioner humming even in the worst heat that summer can offer. We can also provide the regularly scheduled maintenance that will prevent your AC from breaking down during a traffic jam in the summer heat.

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HINT: The air conditioner in your vehicle should be run for a few minutes throughout the year to help ensure the maximum life of the seals.