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The heater core is the radiator-like component that heats the cabin of a vehicle by circulating heated coolant from the engine through tubes and blowing air over them into the cabin. One of the mystifying problems associated with the heater core occurs when the inside surface of the windshield persistently mists over. This problem can be traced to coolant that leaks from the core into the vents and then condenses on the cooler surface of the windshield. Ironically, vehicle owners often instinctively turn up the heater blowers in an effort to clear the misting; however, this response only compounds the problem. Once a correct diagnosis is made, the solution rests with removing and either repairing or replacing the heater core.

Anything that impairs your vision while driving is a major problem.That's why you should bring your car to our shop. Our ASE-certified technicians can find the source of the problem and fix it fast, so you're not driving with a fogged-up windshield.You can also schedule the regular maintenance that will prevent pricey leaks in your heater core before they start affecting your line of sight.

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HINT: Because heater core repair can be costly, some vehicle owners choose to first try a coolant repair additive.