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Your Vehicle's Curb Appeal

When homeowners prepare to sell their houses, they usually take the time to get them in the best condition possible in order to increase their "curb appeal." The same strategy makes good sense for those looking to increase the curb appeal of their automobiles. To get their vehicles in the best possible cosmetic shape, whether they are selling or not, car owners turn to professional "detailers." As their name implies, these experts clean every nook and cranny to get automobiles looking their best. On the inside, upholstery (leather, vinyl, or cloth) is cleaned and revitalized. Exterior surfaces are polished and waxed (or sealed) to remove scratches and restore finishes. Detailed vehicles have that "wow factor" that attracts admiring glances.

Of course, no matter how shiny and beautiful your car is on the outside, you know that what's under the hood is what really matters. That's why you should tend to preventive maintenance as diligently as you attend to keeping your car clean and polished. At our shop, our ASE Master-certified technicians will provide the regular care your car needs to stay running at its peak. That can save you time and money by catching small and cheap problems before they become big and expensive problems! Visit us today at 2220 Daniels Street, Long Lake. Or you can call 952-473-4848 to make an appointment.

Hint: Detailing can pay for itself in terms of increasing the perceived value of a vehicle.