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The Dangers of Falling Behind

Many vehicle owners may be tempted to skip or delay some maintenance procedures in an effort to save money. The fact is, however, failing to maintain your vehicle properly is not only an exercise in false economy, it can also be downright dangerous. According to the Car Care Council, the annual cost of accidents stemming from unperformed vehicle maintenance is $2 billion. Compromised safety aside, failure to maintain your vehicle properly is also likely to reduce its life-span and lead to more costly repairs down the road. To avoid the need for comprehensive brake jobs, engine and transmission overhauls, and other time-consuming repairs, it pays to follow less expensive maintenance procedures that ensure your vehicle’s safety and longevity.

Here at our shop we hope you take this advice to heart. We know that our happiest customers are those that never suffer a breakdown, because they receive the best preventive maintenance from our experienced technicians. We hope you will join our family! Call 952-473-4848 today, or visit our shop at 2220 Daniels Street, Long Lake.

Hint: A well-maintained vehicle (with the records to prove it) is worth more at the time of resale.