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Direct Injection Problems

In recent years, auto manufacturers have been introducing gasoline direct injection (GDI) systems paired with turbo-charging, which enables them to downsize engines and increase fuel economy without sacrificing performance. While most fuel-injected engines use indirect fuel injection that premixes the fuel and air in the intake manifold, direct injection also has air flowing into the cylinder from the intake manifold, but the fuel is sprayed into the cylinder separately. As beneficial as GDI systems are, they are showing drivability issues related to carbon buildup on the intake valves, which results in hard starting and random misfire codes. This is caused by fuel's failure to spray on the backside of the valves, where the detergents can work to remove deposit buildup.

Clearly, if your car has a GDI system, you need regular maintenance to keep the valves clean and prevent those random misfire codes, not to mention hard starts. Our ASE-certified technicians can provide the preventive care that can catch problems when they are small and cheap to fix, like a glitch in the GDI, before they turn into big and expensive repairs. This can save you time, money, and hassle down the road.

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HINT: The above-mentioned deposit buildup associated with gasoline direct injection systems can be corrected with a thorough cleaning of the intake manifold and intake valves.