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More News and Tips - Disc Problems

Disc Problems

Even small deviations in a brake disc can cause vibrations that can be felt at the brake pedal. To check for a disc that is out-of-true, the auto technician will use a dial indicator. Thickness variations can be detected with calipers or a micrometer. Even a tiny thickness variation of one or two thousandths of an inch is enough to warrant machining or replacing the disc. Such variations are usually the result of warping or a disc that is mounted so that it wobbles. The biggest cause of warped discs is over-torquing lug nuts with an air wrench. Foreign matter lodged between the hub and the disc is another culprit. Always replace or machine brake discs in pairs.

If you’ve been experiencing vibrations in your brake pedal, the culprit may be disc problems. Have your car serviced by the experienced technicians at our shop. Did you know that some year ago the law was changed to allow the public to choose whom they wanted to take care of their vehicles? If you own a new car and have an Extended Dealer Warranty on it, in most cases you do not need to have your new car serviced by the dealer. Just read the fine print on the back of your warranty, or call us at 952-473-4848 and we’ll help you decipher it. We’re located at 2220 Daniels Street, Long Lake.

Hint: In some cases, auto manufacturers insist that discs be machined while still mounted to hubs.