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Vehicles equipped with "electronic stability control" (ESC) have a number of sensors that transmit vehicle operations conditions to an on-board computer. If the computer senses that the vehicle is losing control, it instantly begins to reduce engine speed through the engine management system. Then, it applies appropriate braking action to keep the vehicle in control. This system is so effective that the U.S. government mandated that all 2012 vehicles come equipped with ESC safety systems. However, vehicle owners should not automatically assume that ESC will provide needed safety backup in emergency situations. If the vehicle is not equipped with tires that adequately grip the road and shocks/struts calibrated to perform within the engine's design, ESC effectiveness may be compromised.

A ESC is clearly a powerful and complex system that keeps you and your family safe on the road. Because it is so complex, any problems need to be addressed by experienced technicians. Our expert staff can provide the preventative care that can prevent ESC failure in the first place. We can also fix any problems that might arise with your car.

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HINT: Vehicle owners should consult with technicians about the suitability of replacement and aftermarket products before making decisions based on low cost that could compromise ride and safety.