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An Exhausting Problem

If a vehicle idles roughly or accelerates unevenly, the problems may have something to do with the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve. This vacuum-controlled valve allows a controlled amount of exhaust back into the manifold, where it mixes with the intake air and serves to cool the combustion process. As a result of this recirculation of exhaust gas, the EGR valve helps vehicles burn fuel more efficiently and completely, which decreases noxious emissions. Specifically, the EGR prevents the formation of nitrogen-related gases, which are referred to as NOX emis- sions (a common cause of failed emissions testing). When the EGR becomes stuck or malfunctions, NOX gases accumulate. Rough idling and bucking acceleration are indications that a replacement valve is needed.

If you feel like you're riding a bucking bronco every time that you accelerate, a stuck EGR is just one of many possible causes. That's why you need to bring your car down to our shop. We're proud to say that our technicians are ASE certified, which means you can be sure that we have the skills and experience to properly diagnose the problem. Then we will fix it right, fix it fast, and fix it the first time. We can also provide the regular maintenance that will prevent rough idling before it starts.

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HINT: If the EGR valve fails at full- throttle, combustion temperatures can increase to the point where detonation (“knocking” or “pinging”) occurs.