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If you like to take a do-it-yourself approach to tightening lug nuts and other bolts on your vehicle, you should know that over- or under-tightening poses potential risks. If a fastener is tightened below the proper tightening level specified by the manufacturer, there is a risk that the nut or bolt will unscrew. If the bolt is overly tightened, it may bend or compress, or the bolt shank could break and its threads could strip. With all this in mind, auto technicians use “torque wrenches.” These calibrated tools apply rotational force (torque) that is expressed in foot-pounds. Every fastener in a vehicle has a recommended torque value, to which professionals know to adhere; they have tightening down to a science.

If you don’t have a calibrated torque wrench, you may want to rethink the DIY approach to lug nuts. Our ASE-certified technicians have the right equipment to do the job correctly, with just the right amount of force. We can also check your alignment and tire pressure, to make sure you’re safe on the road. In addition, we can also provide the preventive maintenance that can take care of little things before they become big headaches.

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HINT: To get an idea of torque value, place a one-foot-long wrench on a nut and apply ten pounds of force to the opposite end. That is ten foot-pounds of force.