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Fuel Pump Failure

Among other things, an engine’s performance strongly depends on a fuel-injection system that is properly pressurized. The vehicle’s fuel pump, usually located near the gas tank, plays a major role in this effort. The injection system meters fuel through the injectors and into the engine. Its failure to do so can create a variety of problems, including causing hard starting in the morning as well as low power and stalling while underway. To diagnose fuel pump problems, an auto technician can attach a fuel-pressure gauge to the fuel pressure test port on the fuel rail. For obvious reasons, it is best to attend to this problem immediately, and have it diagnosed and corrected before it leaves the driver stranded.

A faulty fuel pump can manifest a variety of symptoms that are easily confused with other issues. That's why it's vital to make sure that a qualified and experienced technician diagnoses and fixes the problem as soon as possible. At our shop, our staff is ASE certified, which means that they have the education, skills, and know-how to figure out the root cause of your problem - whether it's a fuel pump or some other system - and get you back on the road quickly and safely. We can also provide the regular maintenance that will prevent fuel pump failure in the first place. Call 952-473-4848 today for an appointment. Our address is 2220 Daniels Street, Long Lake.

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HINT: If a fuel pump needs to be replaced, it is best to replace the fuel-pump relay at the same time.