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More News and Tips - Transmission

Getting All Geared Up

While the automatic transmission is designed to make seamless work of the job of changing gears, it is not something to take for granted. Without proper care, this very complex and expensive piece of equipment will not last as long as it might otherwise. To prolong the life of an automatic transmission, be sure to check the level and quality of the transmission fluid regularly, don’t use your transmission in place of your brake, and never allow anyone to tow your vehicle with the drive wheels on the ground. In addition, if you hear any unfamiliar sounds emanating from your transmission, have your vehicle checked right away. Failure to address a transmission problem early can lead to larger repairs later.

If you’re having problems with your transmission, bring it in to our shop. Not everybody works on this complicated piece of machinery. Our ASE-master technician and staff are the best at what they do, and will provide expert service you can trust. Call 952-473-4848 to schedule an appointment at our shop today. We are conveniently located at 2220 Daniels Street, Long Lake.

Hint: Clattering, clunking, grating, rumbling, humming, moaning, squealing, screeching, or clicking sounds coming from your automatic transmission are sign that the transmission needs to be examined..