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Getting (Re)Packed for Vacation

If you are planning on hitching a trailer to your vehicle this summer, make the effort to have its wheel bearings repacked. One of the chief causes of stranded trailers is dam-aged wheel bearings. This unneces-sary inconvenience and potential hazard can be avoided by having wheel bearings repacked on a regu- lar basis. If a utility trailer is used daily or is driven long distances, the wheel bearings should be repacked every six months. If a trailer is used only for the occasional trip or for short jaunts, annual repacking will suffice. For boat trailers, the wheel bearings should be repacked with marine wheel bearing grease at both the start and the end of the boating season.

In fact, getting your bearing repacked is just one of the tasks that a responsible car owner undertakes before starting off on a long trip, like a camping trip or putting the boat back in the water. Our ASE-certified technicians can make sure that your car is safe and sound for the sum- mer driving season by providing the preventative maintenance that can catch small problems, like damaged wheel bearings, before they become big headaches, like having your boat stranded on the side of a busy highway in the middle of heavy traf- fic. Call 952-473-4848 for an appointment today.

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HINT: Annual maintenance of a trailer should include examination of the axles.