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Getting Your Bearings

Grinding or whirring sounds emanating from under a vehicle may be caused by a bad axle bearing, which can fail due to overloading or excessive mileage. A fast way to check for this problem involves getting the vehicle up on a lift and shaking the whole wheel from top to bottom. If it’s loose, the axle bearing should be removed and disassembled. Metal shavings inside the bearing are evidence that the bearing has failed and needs to be replaced. The replacement should be done immediately to avoid catastrophic failure. It should also be noted that the quick wheelshake diagnostic test does not always work because the axle bearings can sometimes remain tight even though they have failed. Because a bad axle bearing can have serious - even catastrophic - consequences, you want to act quickly if you hear whirring noises under your car. At our shop, our staff is ASE certified, which means you can feel safe knowing that they have the experience and knowledge necessary to properly fix your car's problems, no matter what the cause. In addition, we can provide the regularly scheduled maintenance that will prevent things like a bad bearing in the first place, and that saves you time, money, and hassle down the road! Call 952-473-4848 today for an appointment. Our address is 2220 Daniels Street, Long Lake.

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HINT: Whirring sounds from under the car can be caused by an uneven wear pattern on tires caused by worn struts/shocks or tire imbalance.