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Brake pedals that feels spongy or that get substantially higher after repeated pumping likely have air in their hydraulic systems. To remove the air, the system must be "bled" by a technician. In rarer cases, a spongy brake pedal may be caused by brake fluid "vaporlock," which is a condition that occurs when there is localized boiling of the brake fluid. This can result from the considerable heat generated by continued forceful braking combined with moisture in the brake fluid. Moisture, which can lower the boiling point of brake fluid, eventually may make its way into the system because brake fluid is "hygroscopic" (it attracts and absorbs water). When it does, the brake fluid must be replaced.

If your brakes are acting up, it's vitally important that you bring your car into our shop right away. Our ASE-certified technicians can find and fix the source of the problem right away, to ensure that you and your family are safe on the road with brakes that work the way they should. We can also provide the regular maintenance that can catch contaminated fluids before your brakes become vapor locked.

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HINT: If moisture is not removed from hydraulic systems, it will eventually lead to corrosion of braking components, particularly the calipers.