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The good news is that auto manufacturers are increasingly embracing the use of turbocharged engines, which produce much the same power as their higher displacement counterparts and get better mileage. However, as a note of caution, it must also be pointed out these smaller engines must work harder, which places more stress on cylinder head gaskets. Smaller turbo engines may also have thinner cylinder walls and block decks (to reduce engine weight), and the number of head bolts per cylinder may be decreased. As a result of the reduced clamping effect of fewer cylinder head bolts, head gaskets sealing ability may be further compromised. For all these reasons, turbocharged engines, in particular, should be regularly examined for head gasket failure.

In fact, the more efficient and complex our cars become, the more important it becomes to provide the regularly scheduled tune-ups that the manufacturer recommends. If you can't remember the last time someone checked the wear and tear on your head gaskets, it's time to make an appointment. Our ASE- certified technicians will provide the preventative maintenance that can catch a problem like a worn head gasket when it is still cheap and easy to fix.

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HINT: One of the first signs of head gasket failure is loss of coolant without visible signs of external leakage.