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Accessories for Holiday Giving

For most car owners, the purchase of a vehicle is only the beginning. To further enhance their driving experience, most drivers avail themselves of the many accessories that car manufacturers produce to go with their products. Custom-fitted accoutrements such as rubber floor mats, roof racks, ski/bike/kayak carriers, and roof storage units expand the utility and enjoyment of the vehicles for which they are specifically designed. They also make great gifts. There are also car-related items that fit every budget. Driving gloves envelope drivers' hands in buttery-smooth leather that helps grip the wheel and keep hands warm. Key fobs, hats, shirts, jackets, umbrellas, and carry-alls stamped with the manufacturer's logo make for thoughtful gifts that drivers are certain to appreciate.

Of course, all the accessories in the world won't matter if your car isn't running right. For that you need regularly scheduled maintenance. Our friendly mechanics will give your car the preventive care that it needs to run safely and efficiently. We can also catch small and inexpensive problems early, before they become big and inconveniently expensive problems.

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Hint: Excellent gift ideas for driving enthusiasts include original equipment manufacturer (OEM) golf bags, duffel bags, travel luggage (designed to fit the trunk space), watches, travel mugs, sweatshirts/fleece vests (logo emblazoned), and wallets.