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When your vehicle’s air-conditioning system isn’t cooling the passenger compartment sufficiently, take a look under the hood to see if the serpentine belt is running the AC compressor. If not, it needs to be replaced. If the belt is fine, allow the engine to idle, turn the AC on, and set it to the coldest setting. With the automobile in park, inspect under the hood and see if the clutch at the front of the compressor is turning. If not, there is not enough refrigerant in the system to activate it. The system will need to be recharged, and any leaks that could compromise the system in the future will need to be fixed.

With the weather heating up, now is not the time you want to have to deal with a defunct air conditioner. Our ASE-certified technicians can fix your malfunctioning AC, no matter what cause, and get you back on the road in cool, air-chilled style. We can also provide the regular maintenance that will catch things like a worn belt or low coolant level, before they become problems that leave you sweating in a sun-baked traffic jam.

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HINT: AC systems should be serviced every two years.