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Engine overheating is a problem that requires immediate attention. While coolant leaks may come to mind as a potential cause, the engine thermostat is another common culprit. This heat-sensing component is designed to regulate the flow of coolant from the radia- tor. If the thermostat fails and remains closed, the engine will overheat in a matter of minutes. At this point, the vehicle should be shut down and placed in the hands of an auto technician to check the operation of the thermostat. It should also be pointed out that a thermostat that remains open will cause coolant to continuously flow through the engine, creating a diagnostic trouble code and illuminating the “check engine” light.

Of course, if your engine light is on, you should bring your car in for service right away. But it’s much cheaper and easier to prevent thermostat failure than it is to fix it. With the summer driving season coming up soon, now is a great time to bring your car in for a tune up. Our ASE Master-certified technicians can provide the preventive maintenance that will catch something, like a worn thermostat or a coolant leak, before you wind up on the side of the road with an overheated engine. Call our shop today 952-473-4848 for an appointment. It will save you time, money, and hassle down the road. Our address is 2220 Daniels Street, Long Lake.

HINT: An overheated engine may also be caused by a failed engine cooling fan.