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How is your brake fluid Holding up?

One of the best ways to avoid deterioration of brake components is to replace brake fluid regularly. This regular maintenance procedure can help avert costly repairs and ensure safety. How? Brake fluid contains alcohol, which absorbs moisture even in a sealed system. As the brake fluid absorbs moisture, copper alloy in the seams of steel brake lines are subject to corrosion. As the copper corrodes and eventually dissolves the fluid, the rubber seals come under attack. Because brake fluid contamination is more common than most vehicle owners realize, manufacturers recommend that brake fluid be flushed semi annually. Brake fluid naturally darkens over time, but coloration reveals little about brake fluid's condition. It is better to rely on a replacement time table.

A change of brake fluid only costs pocket change when you compare it to the cost of replacing failed brake components. Or, even worse, having your brakes fail just when you need them. Our experienced technicians can provide the preventive care that can prevent small problems, like tired brake fluid, before they become big problems, like catastrophic brake failure.

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HINT: To test brake fluid condition, test strips (which turn color in the presence of copper) or an electronic conductivity tester that measures the moisture content in brake fluid may be used.