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When you hear suspicious sounds coming from beneath the hood of your vehicle or elsewhere, pay special attention to the conditions under which the noise occurs.This information will help the auto technician determine its cause.Therefore, before scheduling the appointment, try to answer the following questions: Does the noise occur when the car is in motion,at rest, or both? Does it happen when the engine is hot or cold? Does it occur in reverse as well as in drive? Does the noise occur while the car is going in a straight direction or while cornering? Does the sound change according to traveling speed? Does it occur upon acceleration or deceleration? Lastly, do surface conditions affect the sound?

Once you've determined the answers to all these questions, you need a technician who will listen to you. Our ASE-certified technicians will ask the right questions and actually listen to your answers before we look under the hood. We pay the same level of attention to our customers and their cars. Get the service that you both deserve. We can also provide preventive maintenance, to catch small problems before they become loud noises.

Call 952-473-4848 today for an appointment.You can visit us today at 2220 Daniels Street, Long Lake. Be sure to visit our web site at www.chunksautomotiveservice.com for a chance to win free gas!

HINT: When determining the cause of a suspicious noise, it helps the auto technician to know if the noise is intermittent or constant.