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If you notice that your vehicle is exhibiting an inordinate amount of vibration while the engine is idling, the first action to take is to look at each engine mount. These components, which consist of vulcanized (chemically strengthened) rubber sandwiched between two metal plates with threaded studs that bold to the engine and the automobile frame, are designed to minimize engine vibration by isolating the engine from the frame. When the mounts become worn, they allow the engine to transfer vibration to the frame, which is felt by the driver as excessive vibration. The auto technician can visually inspect the mounts for any signs of oil, cracks, or separation that will necessitate their replacement.

If your car likes to emulate Elvis when in idle -- there's a whole lotta shaking going on -- then you need to bring it into our shop. Our ASE-certified technicians have the experience necessary to find the root cause of the unnecessary vibrations and fix the problem right the first time. We can also provide the preventative care that will keep the Elvis impersonation on your radio instead of under your hood. That can save you time and headaches down the line.

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HINT: Possible causes of engine vibration include poor compression in one or more cylinders and improper balance-shaft timing.