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Excessive tire wear due to an inaccurate toe setting (part of a wheel alignment) may be caused by worn rack-and-pinion inner tie-rod ends. When worn tie-rod ends move inward and outward as the suspension system moves up and down, the toe setting can be dramatically altered. Along with the uneven wear this problem imposes on tires, there can also be handling problems, including "bump steer" and excessive steering-wheel movement (without turning the wheels). To check for the cause of these symptoms, the auto technician will inspect the vehicle while its full weight is on its wheels and again while the vehicle is on the lift. Once the worn component is replaced, accurate toe adjustment will prevent future uneven tire wear.

Are your tires wearing unevenly? When is the last time you even thought about your tires or your toe settings? Regular preventive care can keep your car running better for longer, which is why you need to bring it into our shop. Members of our expert staff can fix any problem that may already exist in your tires or your rack-and-pinion tie-rods. More importantly, we can provide the preventive care that will catch worn parts before they compromise your safety.

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HINT: It is not necessary to replace the outer tie-rod ends when replacing the inner ones unless the outer ends are also worn .