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Intake Cleaning

If your vehicle seems sluggish, idles roughly, or "diesels" (continues to run after it is turned off), it may be due to a buildup of carbon inside the intake manifold. Because carbon is a natural by-product of combustion, it may accumulate in parts of the engine or exhaust, especially in the presence of contaminants such as oil or overly rich air/fuel mixtures. The problem may also be exacerbated by short trips (highway driving tends to burn away carbon excesses). In any case, when treatment is necessary to remove carbon buildup, the auto technician must rely on a combination of cleaners, pumps, and/or vacuum or blasting devices. For a thorough job, the intake manifold should be removed and cleaned manually.

If you think you're suffering from carbon build up - or any other problem - then bring your car down to our shop. Our ASE Master-certified technicians can clean it out and make sure that there aren't any other issues causing your rough idling. We can also provide the regular maintenance that your car needs to catch small problems before they become big problems. Your car deserves it.

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Hint: Repeated stalling in cold weather and poor acceleration are also signs of carbon buildup.