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When there is extended travel in the brake pedal (the brake pedal depresses farther than normally intended), it is a sign of potential brake failure that cannot be ignored. The red brake warning dash light that accompanies excessive travel in the brake pedal indicates low brake fluid, which resides in the master cylinder. This device translates pressure from the driverís foot into hydraulic pressure that travels through the brake lines to the brake calipers via a piston that exerts pressure on the non-compressible brake fluid. In many cases, the leak will not be evident because the leak is occurring internally around the edges of the piston. If so, there may be no noticeable sign of leakage under the vehicle.

Clearly, possible brake failure is not something you should ignore. Our ASE-certified technicians have the experience and expertise you want in order to provide the safe repairs that you need during the summer driving season. We can also provide the preventative maintenance that will catch leaky master cylinders before they become potentially life-threatening problems.

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P.S. There is more than one master cylinder in vehicles so that failure of one will not lead to total brake failure.