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When an engine experiences start-up problems, low acceleration, rough idling, or sudden surges, or shows signs of a drop in mileage, the problem may rest with bad spark plugs. If so, the bad plugs will display signs of carbon deposits, electrode damage, a reddish coating on their bodies, or a worn-out/corroded surface. Replacing the plugs at the first signs of problems is critical to avoiding possible engine damage. Of course, the best strategy is a preventive one, which anticipates the end of spark-plug life and replaces them before problems occur. Spark plug wires are also capable of producing problems such as rough idling, engine stalling, ignition problems, and low power. These components should also be replaced as necessary.

We know that the best way to care for spark plugs is to change them at the right time. Our friendly ASE-certified technicians can provide your car with the preventative care that it needs to catch small and simple problems, like an aging spark plug, before they become big and complicated problem, like engine damage. That can save you a lot of money down the line.

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P.S. Bad spark plug wires can cause hard starting, particularly in wet weather.