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It is more than a little disconcerting when a driver hears noises coming from the steering wheel. In cases where loose or defective upper steering column mounts are causing rattling noises and shifting of the steering wheel and upper column, the mounts should be tightened or the defective part replaced. Another potential problem rests with dry bearings in the upper column, which permit rotation of the upper column shaft. A squeaking or moaning noise while turning the wheel can signal the need for their replacement. Noises may also emanate from the rubber boot at the steering shaft's exiting point under the hood. These noises can be eliminated with replacement of the boot or the nylon bearing piece within the boot.

A squeaky steering wheel really should get the oil-or at least the attention-that it deserves. Poor steering can lead to accidents, so it's really a matter of safety. Our ASE certified technicians will quickly find the root cause of your problem and fix it right the first time. We can also provide the regularly scheduled preventative care that will avoid these sorts of problems in the first place.

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HINT: he steering columns most likely to produce noises are those with tilting/telescoping assemblies that are renowned for producing squeaks and rattles once they become worn and slack.