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Non-Start Situation

Few things are more frustrating than having a vehicle that will not start. If the starter will not crank when the key is turned to the "Start" position, the most common culprit is a dead battery. however, the ignition switch is also frequently found to be faulty, or the starter motor itself may fail. In fact, the starter motor control wire may not be connected. Moreover, vehicles with automatic transmissions have "neutral safety switches" that enable the starter to be operated only with the transmission in the "Neutral" or "Park" positions. If this switch is not functioning properly, or the shifter is not properly engaged, the starter will not crank. All these factors must be taken into consideration.

Naturally, if your car won't start, you'll want to bring it down to our shop right away. But that means that you have to leave your car for a few days while it gets fixed, which is a huge hassle. Wouldn't it be easier to avoid the problem in the first place? Properly scheduled maintenance can catch problems like dying batteries or faulty ignition switches before they leave you dead in your driveway when you're already late for work. Come on down and let us save you time, money, and aggravation. If you want to schedule an appointment, call 952-473-4848 today or visit us at 2220 Daniels Street, Long Lake.

Hint: If the starter cranks normally but the engine will not start, the fault may lie with a problem in the fuel-delivery system, the ignition system, or the internal engine.