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"ESC" stands for "electronic stability control," the vehicle safety system that helps bring a vehicle under control when it is driven beyond its traction limits or driven too fast for road conditions. Because it is proven to save lives, all 2012 vehicles are mandated to have ESC safety systems. These systems rely on sensors to provide information to on-board computers, which determine when a vehicle is losing control. At that point, the computer instantly reduces engine speed and applies braking to the appropriate wheel to bring the automobile back into control. In order to work properly, a vehicle must have tires that grip and replacement parts (including shocks and struts) that are calibrated to be compatible with the system.

Your safety is our first concern. That's why our ASE-certified technicians provide the regularly scheduled preventive maintenance that can ensure that your ESC will work properly. Worn or damaged parts can mean that your safety systems aren't going to work at maximum performance and your driving safety could be seriously compromised.

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HINT: Worn ride-control components can compromise the effectiveness of electronic stability control systems.