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One of the most frequent complaints concerning brakes involves low point of engagement. When this problem occurs, it is important not to jump to the wrong conclusion before eliminating other possible causes. Often, the first culprit that comes to mind upon hearing about a low brake pedal is a leaky master cylinder, which houses the hydraulic fluid that translates the pressure from the driver’s foot into fluid pressure that travels to the brakes. However, other possible causes of low brake pedal include air in the hydraulic system and too much space to be taken up before the brake linings contact the rotors or drums. These possible problems merit consideration, along with a leaky master cylinder.

Clearly, your brakes are vital to your on-the-road safety. Just as clearly, there can be a lot of underlying causes to brake trouble. That's why you want to make sure that an experienced technician tackles the problem. Our ASE-certified technicians have the training and experience to find the problem and fix it right the first time you bring it in. We can also provide the preventative maintenance that will catch small problems before your brakes start failing.

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HINT: The cause of low brake pedals often rests with rear brakes with calipers that include parking brake function.