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On-Board Diagnostics

Introduced in the mid-1990s, OBDII (on-board diagnostics) has provided vehicles with nearly complete engine control and monitoring capability of the chassis, body, and accessory devices. OBD II also provides auto technicians with the ability to tap into the diagnostic control network of the car in response to drivability problems or a “Check Engine Light” appearing on the dashboard. Thus, service facilities equipped with the proper equipment and trained technicians can analyze the data provided by OBD-II to identify malfunctioning components, providing substantial time and cost savings (in comparison to guessand-replace repairs). Scanning OBDII signals can also provide valuable information on the condition of a used car purchase, which provides a valuable service to buyers of previously-owned vehicles.

Of course, high-tech diagnostic tools, like the OBD II, require hightech tools and technicians who can use them properly. Our ASE-certified technicians stay up to date on all the latest developments and we use the best diagnostic equipment to make sure that when your “Check Engine Light” is flashing, we can quickly find the problem and correct it. In addition, we can use our equipment to keep your car well tuned, providing the preventive maintenance that will make sure you avoid catastrophic failures down the road.

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HINT: A failed timing belt can result in internal damage to the engine; water pump failure can lead to overheating of the engine and warping of the cylinder head.