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Fuel injection systems rely heavily on information gathered about the motor's current operating conditions in order to calculate the correct fuel mixture to optimize both power and fuel economy. So, it is understandable that a vacuum leak can disrupt the engine computer's ability to get the information it needs to run correctly. Instead, a vacuum leak may force it to run a "rich" mixture as a means of protecting it from running "lean," which may lead to engine damage caused by pre-detonation. As a result of unmetered air entering the engine and upsetting the fuel/ air ratio, drivers are most likely to notice fluctuations in the idle and little effect at high speed. This rather subtle symptom should not be ignored.

Fixing a vacuum leak is a small and inexpensive repair when compared to replacing or rebuilding an entire engine. But the symptoms are subtle and you might miss them in your everyday life. Our friendly technicians can provide the regularly scheduled care that can catch a vacuum problem before it damages your engine.

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HINT: A vacuum leak can typically be traced to a loose vacuum fitting, a ruptured vacuum line, a broken connector,or a faulty in take manifold.