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When piston rings become so worn that they allow oil to seep into the combustion chamber on the intake stroke, hot combustion gases will blow down the cylinder on the power stroke. As a result, oil will be burned off and carbon deposits may form on the cylinder, pistons, and rings. Even worse, if the rings are damaged to the extent that they cut into the sides of the piston grooves, the piston assembly can be completely destroyed. For this reason, it is always preferable to replace the rings with new ones during an engine overhaul rather than simply reinstalling worn rings. Unlike older rings, new rings have quick-seating surfaces that allow them to control oil immediately.

It's much cheaper and easier to replace worn piston rings than it is to have to replace the entire assembly. Our ASE-certified technicians know that preventative maintenance can save you time and money by catching small problems like worn rings before they require major repairs. If you can't remember the last time you had your piston rings checked,call 952-473-4848 today for an appointment. You can also visit us today at 2220 Daniels Street, Long Lake or online at www.chunksautomotiveservice.com

HINT: When new piston rings are installed, it is recommend that worn valve stems and valve guides be replaced.