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The oxygen sensor helps determine the air-to-fuel ratio and works to reduce the amounts of unburnt fuel and oxides of nitrogen going into the atmosphere. It is vitally important, both in terms of preserving fuel efficiency and limiting pollution, that oxygen sensors be replaced as soon as they show signs of failure. While the original oxygen sensors could be expected to last only about 20,000 miles, current models can last 100,000 miles or more. However, premature failure may result from a hostile exhaust environment, such as the thermal shock caused by drops of water hitting the heat ceramic element during cold starts. As a result, the electrolyte can crack, which requires replacement.

With gas prices so high, it's vital that you keep your oxygen sensor in good working order to preserve your car's fuel efficiency. Who wants to pay more for gas every time you drive? Our ASE-certified technicians will be happy to provide the regular maintenance that can catch a failing oxygen sensor before it starts costing you big money at the gas pumps.

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HINT: "Contamination caused by silica, glycol, carbon, or oil can lead to oxygen sensor failure."