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Serpentine Belt Check

It has been some time since auto manufacturers switched to “serpentine” belts to power peripheral devices such as the alternator, power-steering pump, water pump, A/C compressor, etc. The use of this single, wide belt in place of multiple thinner belts is more efficient and saves on precious space under the hood. More recently, beginning in 2000, manufacturers made a further upgrade by switching from the older neoprene belts to serpentine belts made of ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), which last much longer and better resist heat-induced damage. However, because the newer EPDM belts do not crack like the older neoprene belts, it is more difficult to discern wear, and a belt gauge is needed in place of a visual check.

Because a broken belt can have catastrophic consequences, you want to make sure you have it checked by a skilled technician on a regular basis. At our shop, our staff is ASE certified, which means you can feel safe knowing that they have the experience and knowledge necessary to properly fix your car's problems, no matter what the cause. We'll give your car the regularly scheduled maintenance that can catch a worn EPDM belt before it snaps and leaves you stranded on the highway...or worse. Call 952- 473-4848 today for an appointment.

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HINT: If your automobile has a neoprene serpentine belt, consider upgrading to an EPDM belt (which lasts nearly 100,000 miles between changes) at replacement time.