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When Things Start to Click

Not only is a clicking sound emanating from under the hood annoying, it is often paired with a vehicle that is hesitant (or impossible) to start. The source of this problem is likely low voltage in the battery and insufficient electric flow to the starter, When not receiving enough energy, the starter will engage/disengage rapidly enough to produce that annoying clicking sound. As fast as the battery is concerned, it may need replacing or perhaps the alternator is not up to the task of recharging the battery. The only way to check the alternator is to have the engine running, which means either jump starting the vehicle or replacing the battery. This determination is best made by the auto technician.

Whether your car is clicking, buzzing, rattling, or humming, if it’s making strange noises, you need to get that looked at right away. Our ASE Master-certified technicians have heard it all and we’ll get to the source of the noise before it escalates into a major headache. And remember that spring is a great time to schedule regular maintenance for your car, so that we can head off problems, like a waning battery or tired alternator, before they start making noise.

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HINT: Car batteries can usually be expected to last about three years.