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More News and Tips - Thermostats


Poor gas mileage may be due to any number of cause, including an engine cooling system that is malfunctioning. This has to do with the fact that the fuel system supplies a “rich” fuel mixture (more gasoline) when the engine is cold. As the engine warms up, a leaner mixture I sent into the combustion chamber resulting in more economical engine operation. However, if the fuel system does not know that the engine is warmed up and continues to produce an overly rich gasoline mixture, gasoline is wasted and poor fuel economy results. In such cases, a faulty cooling system thermostat is signaling that the engine is running cool, thereby confusing the fuel system. If so, have the thermostat replace.

If you are getting poor gas mileage, be sure to bring your car in to us for a check-up. Our qualified technicians will use the latest computerized diagnostic equipment to find out what the problem is and fix it the first time. It could be that you need a simple tune-up, or you might have a malfunctioning engine cooling system. Our estimates are accurate, and our service is always friendly and reliable! Call 952-473-4848 today. We are located at 2220 Daniels Street, Long Lake.

Hint: If you suspect a faulty thermostat, take the opportunity to have the entire cooling system of your vehicle inspected.