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In order for engine oil to lubricate properly, it must flow freely. While thinner 5-weight oil pumps well while cold, it thins out as it gets hotter. As a result, it is less able to provide a cushioning film. On the other hand, thicker 30-weight oil provides a good cushioning film that does not thin out when hot; however, it is difficult to pump when cold. With all this in mind, auto manufacturers specifically recommend oil that provides the advantages of both thin and thicker oils. Multi-viscosity oil, such as 5W-30, is thin enough to pump when it is cold, but it thickens as it heats up. In any case, it is important to follow manufacturer recommendations.

Is your engine oil ready for the cold weather? Do you even know what sort of oil is in your car? Our ASE Master-certified technicians can get your car in shape for winter in a lot of small ways that can add up to big improvement in your driving experience and your car's longevity. In addition, we can provide the regular care your car needs to keep it running smoothly and safely.

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HINT:Using the wrong oil viscosity is the single most common cause of premature engine wear.