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A shaking steering wheel is one of the first symptoms of worn tie rods. If the problem is not corrected and the tie rods continue to wear, vibrations may develop that extend the length of the automobile. Tie rods are the bars that connect the bottom of the steering shaft to the spindles attached to the wheels. They must endure pushing and pulling stresses from the forces applied during steering and cornering, and are thus subject to wear. The auto technician can confirm the need to replace them by compressing the tie rod ends with channel locks and checking the tire for movement, which is an indication of excessive play in the tie rod end joint and the need for replacement.

A worn-out tie rod can be the cause of more than just shaky steering. It can mean less control when you need it the most, like when you're swerving to avoid an accident. That's why you should bring your car in for regularly scheduled maintenance right away. Our ASE-certified technicians have the experience and expertise necessary to provide the preventive care that will keep you from driving around with a worn tie rod in the first place. Your family deserves to be safe.

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HINT: Drifting is the extremely dangerous consequence of a broken tie rod.