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Turbochargers provide added power and efficiency by utilizing hot exhaust gases to spin a turbine wheel, which is connected by a short shaft to an impeller wheel inside the compressor housing. To create boost pressure, the impeller draws air into the turbo housing that is compressed and pushed into the engine. Because the compressed air is hot, it must be routed through a heat exchanger ("intercooler"). With this mechanical process in mind, owners of vehicles equipped with turbocharged engines should have their engine oil changed regularly with synthetic oil that can handle the higher temperatures. Otherwise, the shaft bearings in the center housing may be damaged by excess heat. Engine oil also helps disperse the heat exerted on head gaskets.

Replacing your oil on a regular basis is a lot easier and cheaper than fixing a busted head gasket that broke due to the strain of the turbocharger. If you can't remember when you last got your oil changed, now is the time to bring your car into our shop. Our ASE-certified technicians can provide the preventive care that will take care of small tasks, like changing the oil and checking your shaft bearings, before they become big and expensive repairs.

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HINT: Most turbocharged engines are outfitted with multi-layer steel head gaskets that are more durable than typical composition head gaskets.