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The first check for a warped brake rotor is based on feel. Shaking under braking that occurs first in the seat or brake pedal is often indicative of warped rear rotors, while shaking that occurs first in the steering wheel may indicate warped front rotors. For a better read of the situation, a "dial indicator" can be attached to the rotor. When the rotor is spun, the needle will indicate how warped it is (to the thousandths-of-an-inch). However, even then, it might be difficult to measure how much the "run out" deviates from manufacturer specifications on the backside of the rotor. If so, a brake lathe may offer the best hope (short of outright rotor replacement).

Warped brakes aren't safe. If you feel like your rotor might be warped, it's vital to bring your car into our shop right away. Our ASE-certified technicians will find the problem and fix it fast, so that you can feel safe with your family in the car. And we can also provide preventive care, to catch a small problem like a warped rotor, before it becomes a bigger problem, such as failed brakes.

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HINT: A brake lathe is a specialty machine that turns rotors (preferably on the vehicle) and removes irregularities.