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When drivers hear noise coming from the engine bay, they will likely stop their vehicles, place the transmission in park, and lift the hood with the engine still running. At that point, drivers realize that there is not very much to see or hear in the cramped, noisy confines. Fortunately, an auto technician stands a far better chance of uncovering the problem with the use of an electronic stethoscope. Whether it has a flexible wand that directly contacts the area in question (much like a doctor's stethoscope) or it has a microphone mounted in a hollow tube that enables it to hear sounds several feet away, an electronic stethoscope can pinpoint problems in the far reaches beneath the hood.

Is your car making some odd noises? If so, you need to bring it down to our shop. Our experienced technicians will use a variety of the latest cutting edge tools to pinpoint the problem efficiently and then fix it quickly. We can also provide the regular preventive care that will catch small problems before they become big thunks, clunks, and bangs under the hood.

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HINT: To see what is happening in areas of the engine bay that they cannot get to, auto technicians may rely on a video scope that utilizes an electronic camera to create an image on a screen.