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The coolant that flows through the engine and radiator should be drained and flushed at least every three years. Otherwise, failure to perform this oft-neglected maintenance procedure can lead to over heating. If coolant back flushing is not performed regularly, the chemicals in anti-freeze begin to lose their effectiveness, which leads to rust and grime buildup in the engine and radiator, which will clog the engine’s cooling system and cause the engine to overheat. If the water/antifreeze mixture in the radiator contains suspended particulates, or the cabin heater does not provide as much heat as it should, the system should be flushed without delay.

Accumulation of rust and sediment in the heater core is a primary cause of reduced heater efficiency. Now that the weather is heating up, keeping your engine cool is more important than ever. Our ASE-certified technicians provide the preventive care that can catch little things, like old or dirty coolant, before they become big and expensive problems, like an overheated engine that leaves you stranded on the side of a broiling hot highway in heavy traffic.

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HINT: If the car’s cooling system has not been back-flushed within the previous three years, it is a good idea to perform this service before authorizing replacement of the heater core.