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The control arms that create the attachment between the frame and the steering knuckle are relatively flat and triangular in shape; hence, they are often referred to as "wishbones." The broad end of the control arm attaches at the frame and pivots on bushings, and the narrow end attaches to the steering knuckle and pivots on a bushing. When an upper control arm (at each wheel) works in tandem with a lower control arm, the suspension is referred to as a "double wishbone." Not only do control arms function under great stress (particularly at the bushings), they are exposed to the elements. Steering looseness and wobbling at high speeds should prompt a control-arm inspection for bushing failure.

Is your car wobbling at high speeds? Do you feel like your steering has gotten loose? If so, you need to bring it down to our shop, where our experienced technicians will check your control arms and make sure they are in top working order. Don't let your safety rely on wishful thinking. We can also provide the regular preventive care that will catch small problems before they become big repair bills.

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HINT: In some cases, it is only necessary to replace the bushing in a failing control arm. Other control arms are only available as complete units, which necessitates replacing the entire control arm.